Droppin’ Rhymes, And Three Dimes

On New Year’s Day, my fat, disgusting body tipped the scale at 212 pounds. At 5’9″, I looked like a slightly slimmer Michael Moore. So I decided to make a change. cut my carbs, jog a lot, and join Planet Fitness.

Nine months and thirty pounds later, I am sitting at a less-fat 182.

I almost look like the scrawny kid in the photo above. Okay, not really, because when that photo was taken in 1987, I was about this height and I weighed 130 pounds. In short, I looked like Kyle.

I know this is boring to most of you, but I’m actually proud of myself. My willpower has always been lacking, but after the prostate cancer scares, I figured I needed to get in shape. I wasted half my life eating what I wanted, sitting around the house watching television, and being embarrassed – rightly so – by my appearance.

I still don’t like the way my stomach looks, but the twelve staple scars from my intestinal surgery gave it a misshapen form. That said, our Pretty Asian female mail carrier stopped me last week to tell me how great I looked. That was nice.

My plan is to continue avoiding the carbs, hitting the gym – I go every other day – and jogging on off days. Some of my fat clothes are being jettisoned, ans as of right now I am about a quarter inch from fitting into pants with a 34 waist!

11 thoughts on “Droppin’ Rhymes, And Three Dimes

  1. Congrats dude, that is great. I have sort of been trying for the 185 mark so I can sing Life’s Been Good when I step on the scale, but it has been mostly elusive for the last 20 years. In 1987 I was 6’1” and 155ish.


  2. When we did our mini-Wyatt-Palooza earlier this year, I thought you looked slim and trim. That could have been because a) I’m a bit portly in the middle and b) I was used to looking at the average Texan (220+ and a big hat).

    Regardless, congrats on your loss. This is one time a loss can be considered a good thing…. like losing cancer. Keep up the good workouts!


  3. Cathy – Thanks. That that, all you girls who wouldn’t date me!

    MelP – Thank you. Jogged five miles in 51:50 today. New record – at least for the 50-year old me.

    Ingineer – Sucks when your metabolism slows down. Also sucks when your gym is closed by the city for construction code violations. Planet Fitness better get its crap straight, because I need to get back lifting.

    TXNick – I wasn’t too bad in Dallas. Maybe 195, but some shirts still didn’t fit right, especially the UD Lacrosse shirt Mrs. Earp brought back from move-in day. It’s a large, but it’s just a tiny bit snug. A few more pounds and it’ll be good to go.


  4. Keep it up Wyatt. (Not sure you should have posted that comment from the pretty Asian mail carrier. Mrs. Wyatt may not understand.)


  5. That is great, Wyatt! I am so happy for you and jealous of what you have accomplished through your perseverance! Next thing we know, you will have purchased some men’s skinny jeans!


  6. William – It’s the first compliment I received in person since the Reagan presidency.

    Proof – It’s not easy. At all. I go to the gym every other day, run on off days, and slash the hell out of my carbs. It’s all worth it.

    Ronni – We went to church this afternoon – because I want to thank God for my blessings… and we haven’t been there in a while – and I figured I would try my less-fat pants. They’re a 34 waist – I’ve been a 36 for decades – and they fit!!!


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