Thin Mince

Yes, I know you’re tired of these weight loss posts, but it’s a Friday afternoon, and you’re already at happy hour. So, while you’re munching on your martini olives, I’ll give you a status update.

My gym is still closed, and I’m in withdrawal after a week away from the weights. I’ve made up for that with jogging, and yesterday I jogged five miles, stopping only once because my stupid Google Music app shut off. I hit the first mile in under ten minutes, and my total time for 5.01 miles was 52:13, new records for post-high school me.

I was celebrating that milestone, then remembered I was hitting 17:00 for 3.1 miles in high school. Ah, to be young again.

The weight is also down – again. Yesterday I weighed in at 180.6 pounds! I can almost taste the 170’s.

While I was doing a bit of bragging, Mrs. Earp snarked, “Well, your belly is still a little big.” She was kidding, but she’s right. I’d like to hit 170, but I haven’t been able to do as much ab work with the gym closed. That’s not an excuse, but there it is.

While I’m at it, I’d like to encourage those of you who wanna lose some pounds. I did this by cutting carbs out of my diet, and walking/jogging. It took me nearly ten months to jog five miles without a break. It’s difficult, but every day gets a little easier. If it can work for a fat slob like me, it can work for anyone.

8 thoughts on “Thin Mince

  1. That’s impressive, great job!
    Between PTSD, depression and infertility struggles, I’ve only lost 10 of the 70 pounds I need to lose. It’s a long, slow slog. 😭


    1. Jenn, have you ever considered a physician monitored Keto diet? Back in Ohio, I went on one and dropped 50 lbs. in a month, month an a half. Unfortunately for me, when I dropped to my ideal weight, I lost my job and had to move back to California before I could learn the maintenance diet, and went back to a job on the road eating a lot of fast food.

      I’ve decided after three years of trying to jumpstart my metabolism with diet and exercise (and little success), I’m going to do it again. There are a few costs involved: doctor visit copays, pharmacy supplies and a possible uptick in your grocery budget. Don’t tell Wyatt, but you eat a LOT if steak on this diet! It’s high protein, virtually no carbs. You pee on a test strip every morning to monitor your condition. As I recall, the diet was no big hassle, and the results were immediate. No additional exercise. Ask your GP about it.


  2. I know the futility of trying to lose or even maintain while the doc has be taking prednisone. Perhaps i can work at it again in about 6-8 weeks. Would be nice to get back to my weight at the beginning of the summer. Time, patience and hard work pay off. Congrats, Wyatt!


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