Drunken Stumblebums

Meet Stephen James Dean and Teresa Ann Behan of, well, you already know the state.

Stephen and Teresa were out having a few – read: many – drinks when they walked – read: stumbled – into a backyard to have some hot, sweaty sex.

A 52-year-old woman told police she heard an argument coming from her backyard Monday evening, and that’s when she called law enforcement. When the woman looked outside her window, she said she saw a man and woman having sex.

The couple, 36-year-old Stephen James Dean and 49-year-old Teresa Ann Behan, are both listed as homeless and each with a criminal background.

The Key West woman who reported the excursion in her backyard said she saw the couple having sex up against a barrier wall.

Behan reportedly told police that “James” claimed he was her music producer, and that he told her their rendezvous backyard was his own place. That’s when Dean told police that he and Behan were, indeed, having sex in the backyard.

Good grief, who pretends to be a movie producer? When I’m drunk, I’m either an ATF agent or the guy who invented HeadOn (Apply directly to the forehead).

5 thoughts on “Drunken Stumblebums

  1. I can understand her believing the story about him being a producer. After all, Behans aren’t real bright to start with. I mean, one of them went against the Earps…………….


  2. Hmmm, strange how this stuff almost never happens here in Iowa. We do however, have things like a man murdering his wife with a hay rake.


  3. Tam – It was the first thing I thought of when I read the name. Must not be a bright lineage.

    TXNick – Because the other guys were faaaaabulous!

    Ronni – So they’re ripping off Friday the 13th films now?


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