Drunk Attends Rhode Island Town Hall

Meet Stephanie Plante of Johnston, Rhode Island. Stephanie likes to get her party on, and since she obviously cannot even spell the word Uber, she just says “Screw it,” and drives herself home with hilarious results.

Police say a Rhode Island woman fleeing a traffic stop crashed into a town hall building so violently that her car broke in two.

North Smithfield police say they tried to pull over a car at about 9 p.m. Wednesday for driving erratically, but the vehicle would not stop.

The fleeing car crashed into North Smithfield Town Hall.

The driver, identified as 32-year-old Stephanie Plante, of Johnston, faces several driving charges including as well as drunken driving and drug offenses after police say they found narcotics and marijuana in the car.

Really? Judging by Stephanie’s mug shot, I took her for a teetotaler.

4 thoughts on “Drunk Attends Rhode Island Town Hall

  1. “Judging by Stephanie’s mug shot, I took her for a teetotaler.”

    And you’d nail it like a journeyman carpenter.

    (Oh fudge, banned from my favorite blogspot. 😦 )


  2. Ronni – Well, she can always snort the dust particles.

    TXNick – I think she is a bridge too far. I’ll pass. (I can’t believe I wrote that.)

    Mike47 – Nah, they’ll bend away in fear.


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