While the 2020 lacrosse season is still five months away, Kyle received a few gifts yesterday from the University of Dallas: mainly his new helmet and practice gear. Suffice to say, the gear is head and shoulders above high school swag.

(You can click the photos to embiggen.)

The helmet is pictured above, and UD is changing from white helmets to blue; a move I think is perfect. Kyle is already in love with it, and the decals aren’t even attached yet.

The practice jerseys and shorts are below the fold…

This is the front of the practice jersey. Kyle was thrilled that no one picked 13, which has been his preferred number since he started playing team sports in kindergarten.

(Apologies for the jersey photos. Kyle should have put them on hangers first.)

And the rear of the jersey. Note the map of Texas, filled in with the American flag. So cool.

And finally, the practice shorts. Kyle really loved these, as do I. Maybe he can get me a pair for Christmas? The Texas/American flag logo is just the greatest thing ever, and these are only practice shorts.

This week the team starts fall ball practices, and so far, his classes are going well. The first few weeks were really stressful for him, but he landed an 85 on his first test, so things seem to be improving.

4 thoughts on “Swag-tastic!

  1. The weather will be cooler than the last time you were there. It is my favorite time of the year (except for the occasional snow storm, when I get to play in my Jeep). Y’all have fun, and try to talk everyone into eating at the Hard-8 BBQ. Bring an appetite!


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