Getting Paid By The Word

So every so often, one of Kevin’s teachers asks the class to compose a story with all the week’s vocabulary words. They’ll write them down a few times, and then incorporate them into a little story, jamming as many words they can into a few sentences.

The stories rarely make sense, because the kids usually rush through it.

Wednesday afternoon, Kevin was in Kyle’s room – it’s his new hangout since Kyle went to college – doing his homework, and I noticed he was in there for a while. It was definitely longer than usual for someone who has no problem with homework assignments. I didn’t check on him, because if he was having trouble, he almost always comes to us for help.

So I’m sitting in the basement watching TV when he comes downstairs with a page of loose-leaf paper. He places it down before me, sighs, and says, “There. It took me an hour and a half, but it’s done.”

I have no idea what he’s talking about, and he tells me he created a story with all the spelling words included. It was not a short, rush-rush job; the boy went to town. The paper is below the fold…

Kevin’s penmanship is not perfect, and you’ll need to click the photo to read it better – if you feel like it – but the main point of the post is he wrote something so lengthy and detailed.

Well, if nothing else, his teacher can’t complaint that he didn’t put in the work.

3 thoughts on “Getting Paid By The Word

  1. What grade is Kevin in this year? Those are some big words in his story….manipulate, contemporary, incomprehensible, hypocrite. How appropriate his story is dealing with law enforcement in the good old days. I am not surprised at the amount of time it took him to do this.


  2. Ronni – He’s in sixth grade and doing well. He was moved to the Math Matters program – basically advanced math – last year and Julia was moved there this year. My kids are all smarter than I ever was, but Kevin is probably the most brilliant.

    Oh, and ballroom dance classes begin tomorrow. Kevin’s psyched.

    Cathy – Agreed. They challenge the kids but don’t overload them. Kyle and Erik whined about grade school at times, but they both agreed it prepared them for high school. Kyle’s only gripe is his high school didn’t prepare him for college. We’re looking at charter high schools for Kevin and Julia now.


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