I Miss Texas Already

We arrived in Dallas on Friday at about 2:30pm, picked up out luggage – Love Field is crazy efficient, and it’s usually a breeze getting baggage quickly. We hopped the tram to the rental car place, received out VW Jetta – a really nice car – and headed to the hotel. Naturally, since I was involved, there was a snafu at the hotel which cost us another hour, and after calling Kyle, he said to take our time, as he was finishing a paper for class.

We finally arrived on campus at around 5pm, meet Kyle, and asked if he wanted to have dinner at school. (The dinner we paid for.) He looked at us and said, “I really don’t want to be on campus right now. I haven’t slept much this week, and I need to get away.” Okay, done.

He took us to Slim Chickens, a nice fast food place whose chicken is pretty fantastic. Kyle said he still loves Texas, loves his lacrosse team, and the work load is becoming more manageable. We sat talking for a while, and after dinner, went back to his residence hall. We even hit the lacrosse field and shot on the nets before the rain came. The missus and I headed out around 9pm and said we’d be on campus early Saturday morning…


Parents Weekend was really nice, even though we didn’t stay long for the festivities.

We arrived at UD around 10am, registered – we were too late to register Friday afternoon – and received some goodies: a name tag with a lanyard and a UD baseball cap. (I was disappointed no coeds approached me and asked if I was the cute redhead’s dad.) Kyle, naturally, was still not awake, so we figured we’d get things done before dragging him out of bed. We hit the campus store and spent a nice chunk of change for t-shirts for the kids, and a few other items. (I really wish the store carried a UD flag, but no dice.)

While shopping, we met Christian – one of Kyle’s teammates and a good friend. Christian is from Louisiana, and his parents were very nice, and very polite. They are trying to line up LSU tickets for Kyle and his friends – they’re season ticket holders – so Kyle wants them to adopt him.

It’s now close to noon, and still no Kyle. We found seats near the UD Police Department office, and while the missus was sending messages to Kyle’s phone – the last one was “WAKE UP!!!” – the police chief came walking by. He remembered me from last year’s visit, took me into the office, gave me and the missus some bottled water, and graced me with a University of Dallas overnight shift police cap. It’s black with a vampire emoji on the front. I’m wearing it to work every chance I get.

Chief Greene said he would send some officers to roust Kyle from bed, but I declined. After talking to the chief for a while, Kyle finally showed. The chief snarked, “Up at the crack of noon, huh?”

Kyle still looked awful and asked if we could take it easy, since it was 97 degrees outside. Mrs. Earp convinced him to come to our hotel room and relax for a few hours.

The air conditioning in the hotel was on super-max, which is exactly what the boy needed. He lied on the bed – occasionally dozing for a few minutes at a time – while we watched college football. (As a side note, Saturdays in Texas are friggin’ awesome. Nearly every college football team in the state is one one of the channels. We watched the TCU, Texas, and SMU games, and there were others on as well.)

Kyle asked to go to Twin Peaks, the place TXNick took us a year ago. (Yes Nick, he had the chicken and waffles again.) We headed back to school and hung out with Kyle for a while, and headed back to the hotel at about 10pm. We think, for Kyle, Parents Weekend was more of a break away from school.

If we go next year, we may just grab him, take him to the hotel and get him away from everything for a few days.

6 thoughts on “I Miss Texas Already

  1. Glad you had a nice weekend and Kyle got a much needed break. That first semester and sometimes whole first year is quite an adjustment for kids. (especially for those who go away to school and mom and dad aren’t within driving distance of a couple hours) One of my friends said her daughter called Friday morning, said she had two papers due on Monday and wanted to know if mom had time to drive up and help her (4 hours one way). Mom told her “good luck, my weekend is full”. On the upside, kids and mom and dad develop a new appreciation for each other and the time they get to spend together. As much as our kids scream about wanting independence, adulting is hard!


  2. Ronni – I think it was a bit of homesickness, the fact his roommates like to just sit in the dorm all day, and the workload. They’re having fall ball lacrosse practices on top of the school work. It’s a lot to bear.

    RG – Yeah, I think he needed some real sleep. Plus, it was Family and Alumni weekend, so the school was mobbed most of the weekend.

    Jim – Well, Julia has a shirt which reads “Lil’ Miss Texas…”“Lil’ Miss Texas…”


  3. Glad I picked a restaurant he liked. Was it the food or the staff that won his heart?

    Sounds like you all had a great time. I do hope you keep Texas in mind when you retire.


  4. TXNick – Probably a little of both. He laughed because, like last time, the waitresses refilled his drinks before the glass was half-empty. And Texas is surpassing Arizona, I think. When I was getting ready for work, Mrs. Earp, asked, “You don’t want to live IN Dallas, do you?”

    I said, “Hell no. I’m done with big cities.”


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