Fly The Extremist Skies

Members of Extinction Rebellion – morons who believe the Earth will be dead in twelve years – spent their day protesting London City Airport and delaying flights. This is why Bobbies need to be armed.

A Paralympic medalist climbed on top of a British Airways plane at London City Airport as part of ongoing protests by Extinction Rebellion.

James Brown, who is visually impaired, filmed himself clinging to the fuselage as he streamed a live message online. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick described the action as “reckless, stupid and dangerous”. About 50 arrests were made at the airport.

The pilot could have started the engines, taxied a few feet and slammed on the brakes. Problem. Fucking. Solved! By the way, the real James Brown would be doing splits on the airplane yelling, “HEY!”

Another man refused to sit in his seat, delaying a flight by nearly two hours.

There’s a photo of this guy at the link. He looks about 60 years old, and very wiry. I swear to Vishnu his fate would be much less pleasant if he did that on my plane. Accosted, brutally beaten, then cuffed and paraded through the terminal. Jagoff.

8 thoughts on “Fly The Extremist Skies

  1. TxNick is right, but we could have a special Darwin category and just called them the Corrie awards. If you really wanted to be recognized, you’d just bulldoze your way to the win.


  2. TXNick – I agree, but it’s Britain. Britain is forever lost, I’m afraid, and it’s never coming back.

    RG – Maybe he could have been squashed under the plane’s wheels?


  3. Wyatt, your solution works…..I did it with a Gooney Bird on Wake Island in the 80’s with a C-141. We could not chase the bird off the top of the plane. The tower allowed us to start and taxi….at an ever increasing speed. The running commentary from the tower was priceless….”He’s leaning forward…..his wings are coming up.” When I braked, he slipped off and glided straight down in front of the plane…landed, rolled, got up looked at us very pissed off and waddled away. We had to take a minute for everyone to stop laughing before we took off. We considered just taking off with him up there but were afraid he would slip off and get sucked into one of the engines (obviously, not a good thing!) These birds are dumb, but clearly smarter than the protesters in your post!


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