An Apple (Schnapps) For The Teacher

An Outback elementary school teacher has been banned from teaching for two years after she was found passed out at her desk. Honestly, if I was surrounded by second graders all day, I’d need a drink, too.

A Queensland primary school teacher was so drunk she passed out in front of her grade-two students, in one of a string of incidents that exposed children to “considerable risk”, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) has found.

The woman, who cannot be identified, has been banned from teaching for two years after she was found drunk at school on multiple occasions over a two-year period. The tribunal recently handed down its findings against the former teacher.

The QCAT heard that on a morning in August 2016, the woman had taken several doses of Valium and drank vodka disguised in a water bottle while teaching science to grade-two students.

An ambulance was called after she fell unconscious at her desk.

Now maybe it’s just me, but if my teacher was passed out at her desk, I would shut my mouth, open a comic book, and enjoy the free day. Although maybe that explains why I’m not all that smart.

2 thoughts on “An Apple (Schnapps) For The Teacher

  1. I would think there are more teachers drinking on the job than we care to know about. Currently 7% of the American population have a drinking problem (nearly 13.8 million Americans, and 8.1 million of them are alcoholic). Most don’t drink enough to pass out at school, but a few may have a drink or two on their bathroom break.


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