You Hear From Tom? No, Not A Peep

Meet Victor Vickery. While Victor has an unfortunate name, he also found himself in an unfortunate event when he found a Middle Eastern peeping tom spying on him and his girlfriend while they were having sex.

Victor Vickery, 30, was taken into custody on Thursday following an investigation into the July 2018 death of 57-year-old Asaad Akar by the Fort Lauderdale Police.

Sgt. Steven Novak said in the arrest affidavit that Vickery told him he was inside his girlfriend’s home “and they were getting intimate when they heard a scratching on the window and possibly somebody pulling on it.”

Vickery ran outside naked and confronted Akar, who was allegedly peeping into his girlfriend’s bedroom window and had exposed himself. The suspect then proceeded to fight with the man, punching and kicking him several times.

The medical examiner said Akar died from multiple blunt trauma injuries to his head and torso and that the manner of death was ruled a homicide.

The worst thing about this incident is Victor’s friend claimed the girlfriend kept telling Victor to stop beating Akar. That won’t play well with a jury. However, I’ll wager the attorneys can easily find a jury who would acquit Vickery considering the circumstances. Most people have little tolerance for perverts.

5 thoughts on “You Hear From Tom? No, Not A Peep

  1. Ronni – Not sure I’d convict; especially not for a homicide charge.

    TXNick – No argument there. In the age of internet pr0n, who still does the Peeping Tom thing?


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