Sarah Viles

Meet Sarah Jane Doughty – or, considering her girth, I’m guessing it’s pronounced Doughy? – of Salt Lake City, Utah. Sarah is a social drinker, and by that, I mean she becomes completely antisocial after a few – or twenty drinks.

According to a probable cause statement, Sarah Jane Doughty threatened to find the officers who arrested her on Facebook and “hunt them down, rape and murder them.”

Can you imagine being raped by a human walrus? Yikes.

Doughty had been drinking at a bar and witnesses tried to stop her from leaving, but she sped off. She got in a crash a short time later. Doughty “kicked and spit” at the officers and “threatened to kill all officers present at the scene.”

Looking at her mug shot, I assume the airbag deployed and smashed her face.

4 thoughts on “Sarah Viles

  1. Ronni – Since you asked, I have one of those set for tomorrow afternoon. And I was as shocked as you would be.

    Cathy – I’ve been drunk. Very drunk. Vomiting on myself drunk. All in all, I was never an angry drunk, thankfully.


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