Democrats Never Learn

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is reintroducing – for the umpteenth time – his plan to replace vehicles with woefully undesirable electric cars. Schumer’s idiotic plan would cost the country $454 billion – billion, with a “b.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer, the top Senate Democrat, late on Thursday proposed a $454 billion plan over 10 years to help shift the United States away from gasoline-powered vehicles by offering cash vouchers to help Americans buy cleaner vehicles.

Schumer said in a statement that his plan, which would provide rebates of $3,000 or more to individual buyers, would help transition 25% of the US fleet, or 63 million vehicles, away from traditional internal combustion-engine vehicles within 10 years.

The problem here is the smartest politician in American history – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – stated the world only has a little more than eleven years left. By that logic, why would we jettison $454 billion of taxpayer dollars for something which will be in effect for a year?

Schumer‘s proposal would provide $45 billion for additional EV charging stations and $17 billion in incentives for automakers to build new factories or retool existing ones to assemble zero-emission vehicles or charging equipment with a goal that by 2040 “all vehicles on the road should be clean.”

Don’t worry, guys; despite the multiple times this scam has been tried and failed, this time it’s gonna work. Swearsies realsies!

9 thoughts on “Democrats Never Learn

  1. If the newzkasters had any real b@lls, they’d be showing footage of the areas where just the batteries are dug up. I think Chernobyl would look like an amusement park compared to that mess.


  2. Forgot to add: $30,000 for a Prius? What idiots are going to pay for that? One of my friends drives an electric car & she gets $$$ in rebates from CA (last check I saw was $7,500) for it.


  3. My observation is this: if everyone was required to drive an EV, the government could stop everyone from traveling at once. All they have to do is shut down the power plants, and wait.

    And don’t put it past them to do it if we “deplorables” got too uppity in defending our Constitutional Rights.


  4. William – Exactly. If there was a market for this, people would be purchasing them. There isn’t, so they aren’t.

    MelP – Money is no object when it’s not your money and it’s going to save Mother Gaia, wingnut!

    Proof – I’m surprised he’s been so quiet during the Trump era. At least, less obtrusive. Pelosi has taken the Jackass Stick so far these past few years.

    TXNick – Of course. The leftists understand travel is freedom. This way, they can keep tabs on us and limit places where we may want to go.


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