Every Rose Has Its Scorn

Meet Melissa Rose Turner of Riverview, Florida.

Melissa is a professional cosplay model – as if that’s even a thing – and apparently she takes her roles seriously. For instance, if she plays a blonde, she dyes her hair, and if she plays a psychotic killer. well…

When Melissa Rose Turner called 911, she told the dispatcher she found her boyfriend’s cold, bloody body on the back patio of the couple’s Riverview home. Turner, 26, said she tried to revive 25-year-old Matthew Trussler but didn’t know what had happened to him.

She later changed her story and detectives found chilling surveillance footage that captured audio of a heated argument. Within hours, Turner was charged with murder.

In fact, an arrest report says, Turner stabbed Trussler. She told Hillsborough sheriff’s detectives that “things escalated” during a fight the morning of Oct. 18. She waited four hours to call for help.

“If it was an accident, then I would have called 911 and not just let him die,” Turner told detectives.

If you, like me, are completely stunned, allow me to re-emphasize what happened. Turner “allegedly” stabbed her boyfriend in the back, watched him crumple to the ground, and refused to call an ambulance for four hours until she sure the boyfriend was dead.

There is a special place in Hell for people like Melissa Rose Turner, and I sincerely hope she sees it sooner rather than later.

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