Hello, Young Lovers

A drunken British newlywed couple got into a fistfight moments after they touched down in Birmingham, England. I’m guessing the honeymoon was not exactly magical.

A PAIR of boozed-up Brits were filmed scrapping on a shuttle bus at Alicante airport after getting sozzled on their Ryanair flight, passengers claim.

Okay, I have no idea what any of those words mean, but it sounds bad.

Holidaymakers on the flight from Birmingham were horrified when the man and woman – alleged to be a new couple – began throwing violent punches at each other’s heads after an almighty lovers’ tiff.

Fellow passengers scream and look on in disbelief as, initially the woman straddles the man and repeatedly punches him in the head and then the pair switch roles.

Well, if nothing else, both combatants can say they are a lover AND a fighter.

3 thoughts on “Hello, Young Lovers

  1. The guy probably had high hopes when she first straddled him. She should have done while they were in the air and they could have joined the “mile high club”!


  2. Ronni – Or the Mile Fight Club. “The first rule of Mile High Fight Club is you don’t talk about Mile High Fight Club.”

    TXNick – How sad is it when you already hate your spouse at the Honeymoon?


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