Racist Woman Derides “White Folks”

Michelle Obama, the most racist, ignorant, despicable woman ever to step foot in the White House took a break from her very busy schedule to lecture Americans about those troubsome “white folks.”

White folks” continue to avoid living with minorities, Michelle Obama said Tuesday while attending the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago.

The former first lady was talking about the phenomenon known as “white flight” during an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. Obama told the publication she believes white people are still on the run.

Sweet fancy Moses, this woman is a complete dullard.

“We were doing everything we were supposed to do – and better,” Obama recalled, as she described the Obama family’s success and their decision to move to a new home on the South Side of Chicago. “But when we moved in, white families moved out,” she told the Sun-Times.

“I want to remind white folks that y’all were running from us. And you’re still running.”

For f**ks sake, where do I begin? First of all, you ugly “woman,” your neighbors likely moved because no one wants to live next door to a former president and the trouble – constant Secret Service protection, in-and-out politicians, and media types – which follows. Plus yes, they also likely wanted to get away from you and your “husband.”

Second, as someone who spent fifty years in Philadelphia, I am kind of an expert in “white flight.” No one flees the big cities solely because of skin tone. In my city, most people – of all colors by the way – have been escaping the higher taxes, crooked politicians, and rampant violent crime. Yes, most of the crime in Philly is committed by African-Americans – sadly, the victims are mostly black, as well – but people leave because of the crime, not the race of the perpetrators.

Finally, “white folks” flee big cities because they can. I’d wager most minorities in this town would get away, too, if they were financially able.

Now I know Michelle Obama is the smartest man woman in America (after Hillary Clinton), but she is either lying about “white folks” – again – or she’s completely ignorant about America’s big, leftist cities.

9 thoughts on “Racist Woman Derides “White Folks”

  1. I wonder if she’s proud of America now that she fled to the slums of D.C.:


    or histheir houses in Rancho Mirage, CA, and Hawaii:


    or maybe the one in Martha’s Vineyard:


    Moochelle is such a bitch, it’s tough to watch video of her more than 1-2 seconds max.


  2. Ronni – True enough. King Putt wasn’t too particular in mates, and they both had the art of lying in common.

    RG – Yeah, I’m sure there are plenty of African-American neighbors in her new haunts. /eyeroll

    TXNick – True enough.

    William – Never going to happen. They’re addicted to power and attention.


  3. Poor Mike! Never proud of America until Barry bin Obama was elected, and then she had to suffer the indignity of waking up every morning in a house “built by slaves”.
    If only we still had her around to ruin the school lunches of children everywhere!


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