Wedding Smashers

Meet Daniel Carney of Stroudsburg, PA.

Daniel experienced the happiest day of his life a few months back when he married his soul mate. Unfortunately, Daniel didn’t sow enough of his oats at the bachelor party, so he decided one last romp before getting hitched… on his wedding day.

A groom accused of sexually assaulting a bridesmaid before his nuptials was in court again on Wednesday.

Daniel Carney is accused of forcing himself on his wife’s bridesmaid at a resort near Stroudsburg earlier this year.

In court on Wednesday, an indecent assault charge was dropped but Carney is facing three additional charges including attempted rape, attempted sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault.

The best (or worst) part of this story came as no surprise to me: Daniels’ wife appeared with him at his latest court hearing. The man allegedly raped her bridesmaid, and the wife is standing by her man like she’s Hillary Clinton. Absolutely disgusting.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Smashers

  1. She can’t be dumb enough to believe him when he said he wouldn’t cheat ever again. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Hope the court finds him guilty on all three counts.


  2. I’m betting her bridesmaid isn’t exactly her best bud anymore. Maybe her hubby can find some lovin’ in the state pen, there will be plenty of fresh meat there. Mainly, him.


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