Pete’s Draggin’

Failing presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has determined he would take up the mantle of Robert Francis O’Rourke as the politician most completely separated from reality.

Buttigieg recently stated illegal immigrants separated from their families should be given “compensation,” likely from the coffers of taxpayers.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said at an Iowa town hall event Sunday that migrant families the U.S. government separated deserve “compensation.”

“Can you imagine if you’ve been taken away from your parents and didn’t know where they are?” Buttigieg said in Charles City, Iowa, according to the Washington Examiner. “The United States owes something to the kids in that situation. First of all, of course, to swiftly reunite them with their families. But we probably owe them a little more than that given what we’ve done. In fact, we definitely we owe them more than that.”

“We need to make sure that they have compensation and that we do things to try to make it right,” he continued, but did not stipulate what such compensation would entail.

Mayor Pete didn’t elaborate on the compensation because he doesn’t need to; everyone knows this leftist idiot is talking about cash. So not only are we allowing illegal immigrants to flow into this country, but we’re also giving them benefits, finding them work, and paying cash for all their inconveniences.

The Democratic Party has swung so far to the left that it’s literally unrecognizable from the party is was three decades ago. It’s never coming back to a moderate party; that is gone forever.

9 thoughts on “Pete’s Draggin’

  1. We don’t compensate American citizens who are separated from their children because of the crimes they commit. The idea that we should do so for foreign nationals who break our laws is borderline insane.


  2. Ronni – They completely transformed the party into something no one recognizes.

    Mike – It’s also fiscal suicide, like Warren’s Medicare for All debacle.

    TXNick – Right after I get my reparations from being separated from my sanity living in this Democrat stronghold.


  3. I look forward to every election, just so I can feel the thrill of voting. I love voting. And, if fact, when I fear my time is at an end I will change my registration to democrat.

    Just so I can continue voting after I die.


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