Just Lemur Alone!

Meet Playboy Playmate Francia James. Wait, are Playmates still a thing? I thought they didn’t get all nuded up anymore? Anyway, Francia is an animal lover, and believe me, the animals love her, too.

Francia James, who has also starred for FHM, is often finding herself in sticky situations with animals.

Back in August, she was groped by an elephant while on safari and just days later decided to squat with a live alligator on her back. But, in a recent trip to Chase Animal Rescue Sanctuary centre in Webster, Florida, US, a lemur went one step further.

The clip shows the primate perching on Francia’s shoulder before sticking his nose into her cleavage, appearing to try to grab some food.

Gentlemen, I implore you, would any of us have reacted differently? Are we not men? When we are pricked, do we not bleed?

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