Holy Unidentified Music, Batman!

For the past few weeks, residents in Wyntheshawe, England have been serenaded with sweet music coming from an undisclosed location. I mean, to some it’s sweet, to others…

People living in Wythenshawe have been left puzzled by a mysterious Batman tune which has been heard echoing through the streets.

Locals say the theme tune, commonly associated with the fictional DC comics superhero, has been playing near Wythenshawe Hospital around the same time, on a daily basis.

One mother has been left so curious by the noise, she took to Facebook to investigate where it is coming from. She wrote: “Right, does anyone hear this random Batman tune near Wythenshawe Hospital? It’s doing my head in.”

Believe it or not, I know the answer. Since Britain’s treachery regarding the phony Steele dossier, president Trump ordered the tune be played in cities all across the U.K. That’ll learn ’em!

4 thoughts on “Holy Unidentified Music, Batman!

  1. To me, the best thing about the old BatMan show (besides Joker with the makeup on his ‘stache & Frank Gorshen’s Riddler) was watching Adam West suck in his tummy whenever he was around any of the 3 women that played CatWoman.


  2. William – Good grief, yes! No other Catwoman even comes close.

    MelP – And really, what guy wouldn’t? Gorshen was the best part of that show His laugh was fantastic.


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