Guys, I Found My Retirement Home!

An abandoned Titan II missile complex and its thirteen acres of land near Tucson, Arizona is on the market for a measly $400,000. Dude, I need this in my life.

A decommissioned subterranean missile complex just went on the market, and at just about 30 minutes northwest of Tucson, you get both solitude and the option of rejoining society.

It used to house an armed Titan II missile, which, in case you’re not up to speed on your military history, was used to carry a nuclear warhead, but you won’t find a nuclear arsenal down there anymore. The bunker was shut down in the 80s, and the missile was removed.

This place is bringing all the industrial-chic vibes, complete with three blast doors made to withstand shockwaves, an access portal, a command center and a decontamination area.

So let’s see: I love Arizona, and I hate people, so this is an anti-social guy’s dream come true!

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