You Stay Classy, Baltimore

First Lady Melania Trump attended the Baltimore Youth Summit yesterday to address the opioid crisis. While there, the attendees greeted her with boos. I truly cannot leave the east coast soon enough.

First lady Melania Trump took the high road in response to getting booed in Baltimore on Tuesday, saying that “everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

The first lady was booed as she spoke Tuesday at the B’More Youth Summit at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, a summit intended to promote healthy attitudes and help children understand the dangers of opioid abuse, as part of her “Be Best” campaign.

Not for nothing, but with the rampant corruption and violent crime infesting Bulletmore, Murderland, can those people really throw stones?

When asked to respond to the boos, the first lady emphasized her commitment to combating the opioid crisis.

“We live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion,” she said in a statement to the New York Times.

Unlike the previous First “Lady,” Melania goes about her business without bothering anyone or making waves – like say, trashing America at every turn – and what does she get for that? Nothing but scorn from people who refuse to accept the results of an election.

4 thoughts on “You Stay Classy, Baltimore

  1. If nothing else, DJT should be re-elected POTUS just for bringing class and respect back to the White House. And a special thank you for all those designers who said they wouldn’t dress Mrs. Trump. They did suck a bang-up job on moochelle, I still need eye bleach from the way she looked (the pic of her waddling up the steps of Air Force One in cutoff jeans still haunts me).


  2. Society in certain cases were not raised correctly and in those cases you get the type of response the great first lady received. She handled it with all the class necessary and nothing those booing would ever understand!


  3. TX Nick – Agreed. Like many have said before now, the Trumps didn’t have to do this, but they did because they love this country. Now he’s vilified by half the country, his brand is taking a hit, and the politicians on both sides snark at him. Personally, I wouldn’t think it was worth it.

    Ed – I heard Mike Gallagher claim, “Well, they’re just kids.” Yeah, no. They’re kids who have garbage parents and who don’t know the meaning of respect.


  4. Let’s face it, the dems got the short end of the stick with Moochelle. They got a manly, homely woman and the GOP has a First Lady with class, beauty, grace and knowledge worthy of the title First Lady.

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