Florida Man Flies North For The Winter

A Florida man made the annals of infamy this month, and did so in a truly Flori-duh manner.

A Florida man brought a loaded gun to Central New York airports twice this month, said the Transportation Security Administration.

The man was arrested Wednesday morning at Syracuse Hancock International Airport after he was caught with a loaded gun at the checkpoint, said Lisa Farbstein, TSA’s spokesperson. The man claimed he didn’t know he had the gun with him, she said.

The arrest came weeks after the man brought a different loaded gun to the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport, Farbstein said.

Now maybe it’s just me, but if I was arrested for possession of a handgun inside an airport, I sure would have learned my lesson the first time. Of course, I am not surrounded with morons every day… just the ones I deal with at work for eight hours.

3 thoughts on “Florida Man Flies North For The Winter

  1. A felony, regardless of where it occurred, will prevent you from owning a firearm. Federal law. So this idiot will lose more than his carry permit.

    When I did jobs in NY & NJ (never again, BTW) I left all my weapons at home in Texas. Heck, I was afraid to defend myself unarmed in those socialist paradises. I felt safer in the Red Zone of Baghdad than I did in Jersey City.


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