Riding The Open Road

So, those men from Down Under are supposedly to be the roughest, toughest, manliest men on the face of the Earth. That would be true in most cases, but not so much when you’re driving your motorcycle past a group of lovely ladies.

This is a video from the helmet of a Brisbane motorcyclist who gets distracted ogling some ladies on a street corner and crashes into the BMW in front of him. I like how after the crash he glances back to see if they saw him. Yeah bro, they definitely saw that. Based on the footage, I’m going to say this accident probably wasn’t worth the view.

The good part is the guy can ride past the ladies in a few weeks… in his wheelchair.

4 thoughts on “Riding The Open Road

  1. Years ago an engineer I was working with was reviewing accident reports near the local college and one actually said that the guy stated he didn’t notice the car in front of him had stopped because he was looking at a girl’s butt that was walking on the sidewalk.
    Also in motorcycle school they tell you don’t look where you don’t want your bike to end up. Although he hit the car before he could make a hard left at the sidewalk.


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