Happy Birthday, Princess P!

Today is my daughter’s eleventh birthday! Princess P is an active child, who juggles school with Krav Maga, ballroom dancing – which she started after Kevin had so much fun – and ballet/jazz lessons. She is also the apple of my eye.

Of course, with the way she’s growing, that may not be the case for much longer. She is currently taller than Kevin, and I;m thinking she’ll be like her cousin Kaitlin, who approaches six feet tall…

I am lucky enough to have off today, so we’ll see what the princess wants for her birthday dinner. The safe bet is pancakes, but we’ll see.

happy birthday, Princess P! We love you very much.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Princess P!

  1. Can’t believe she is 11 already. With taking ballet and Krav Maga, she will be graceful while putting the hurt on anyone who gets out of line with her. (Especially if she is six foot tall). Wishing Princess P a very Happy Birthday!!


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