They Arrested Super Fly!

Meet Emmanuel Lamont Reggin, Jr. of Florida.

Emmanuel is a real go-getter, so he found seasonal employment at UPS to make a little scratch – hairspray isn’t cheap, you know. Sadly, Emmanuel didn’t realize he was supposed to deliver packages to customers instead of himself.

A seasonal UPS worker in Florida was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stealing packages containing pricey electronics from a business he dropped them off at.

Emmanuel Lamont Reggin Jr., 18, is accused of swiping packages containing two Kindles, an iPad and a tablet computer on Monday from a company in Northeast Miami-Dade.

Earlier in the day, Reggin Jr. helped deliver 5,500 packages to the company. He was caught on camera relocating the items he later stole inside and under nearby dumpsters while his co-worker wasn’t looking.

The worker allegedly carried out the same scheme the next day at the same business.

Just a little friendly advice for the Miami-Dade officers: check this clown’s hair thoroughly. It’s possible he stuffed a few PlayStations up there.

8 thoughts on “They Arrested Super Fly!

  1. Cathy – I’m sure some sort of insects infest that ‘fro.

    Ingineer – Imagine the sideways glances you’d get from your fellow motorists.

    William – Right next to the nuclear power plant.


  2. I don’t even want to guess at what could be either growing or hiding in that hot mess! UPS is no doubt regretting giving him the benefit of the doubt about now.


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