Be Prepared To Be Boarded!

Meet Cheya Handley of Australia. Cheya is a deckhand on a luxury yacht who loves the open seas, especially when there’s a chance of open legs.

A deckhand on a luxury yacht in Australia pleaded guilty to negligence for having drunken sex with the captain when the unhelmed charter boat crashed, causing $140,000 worth of damage.

Cheya Handley, 26, admitted in court to guzzling booze and hooking up on the bow of the 80-foot Crystal Blue with the skipper, as the pair returned the vessel from Brisbane to the Gold Coast on March 3, 2018.

“Yeah, I did the wrong thing, drinking on the job. I should have known better, I screwed up big-time,” Handley said in a recorded interview with a maritime safety inspector played in court. “We were chatting, laying down, looking at the stars and then got it on,” she said.

With no one at the helm or serving as lookout, the boat hit a navigation beacon and then crashed into a moored yacht before running aground.

Handley and the captain caused $140,000 worth of damage. Looking at Cheya, it was totally worth it!

7 thoughts on “Be Prepared To Be Boarded!

  1. When I saw her picture, I thought the captain lucked out. She’s a cute deckhand. I don’t get why they weren’t anchored somewhere before all this started.


  2. Mike – It might be the anesthesia, but I don’t get the reference.

    TX Nick – Everyone needs a first mate… and a second. You know, for navigation.

    Ronni – Oh she was definitely worth it, but do that after the passengers are disembarked.


  3. “The inebriated captain, 46-year-old Jeremy JJ Piggott, attempted to steer the vessel via remote control during the tryst, the court heard.”


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