I’m The Butt Of The Joke

Today is colonoscopy day!

After spending an hour or so on the toilet yesterday, and another hour at 5am prepping for today’s extravaganza, I should by now be in the medical center being scoped.

It’s a necessary procedure, especially for people fifty years and older, but considering it could very well save my life, I don’t mind the awful prep.

Obviously I will be pretty scarce today between the surgery and the anesthesia, but I have posts set up for your entertainment. If the posts aren’t enough, I assume the colonoscopy itself should entertain you immensely. Wish me luck, and hope they don’t find any lumps.

4 thoughts on “I’m The Butt Of The Joke

  1. Ronni – No polyps, no lumps, no biopsy. So far, I’m in the clear, and I have to get another one in ten years.

    Proof – The doc said I need to rest all day, which is not my thing. Mrs. Earp is continually telling me to sit down, and since I’m exhausted, I’ll follow the orders.

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