Welcome To The New ICE Age

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has had a banner year for arrests of illegals, human traffickers, and gang members in 2019, and they’re doing it without the cooperation of our largest cities.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced a record-breaking year in criminal arrests, highlighting the agency’s work to dismantle immigration-related crime, the drug trade, and other transnational criminal activity.

Homeland Security Investigations — ICE’s investigative arm — netted a record-high of 37,547 criminal arrests during the 2019 fiscal year. The figure, which marked a nearly 10% increase from the previous fiscal year, reflected HSI’s increased effort to fight crime that extends beyond the country’s borders. These arrests resulted in the seizure of over $775 million in currency and assets.

A total of 3,886 criminal gang arrests were made in fiscal year 2019. These arrests included apprehensions of 337 MS-13 gang members.

Say what you will about President Trump, but the man is making the country safer. Do you think we would see these numbers under President Hillary, or President Biden/Buttigieg/Warren?

I am reminded of my changes to the Frosty The Snowman theme:

“Trumpety, Trump Trump
Trumpety, Trump Trump
Watch Illegals Go

Trumpety, Trump Trump
Trumpety, Trump Trump
Back To Mexico!”

5 thoughts on “Welcome To The New ICE Age

  1. Short story. This past summer there was some construction going on behind my building. Had a 10 kilowatt diesel generator spewing exhaust fumes in our windows. Complained, got blown off. Threatened to call ICE, 10 min. later generator is moved By Hand! : )

    Wouldn’t have happened under Odumbass!


  2. Add. comment. Why the heck isn’t the DOJ prosecuting some of those city leaders for obstruction of justice? Refusal to enforce the law of the land was itself a crime last time I checked.


  3. Ronni – After today’s IG report, it looks like every one of the coup plotters is getting off scot free. The Republic is dead. That said, Trump is still getting my vote.

    William – That’s brilliant! And it’s because the Obama-packed lower courts will stop them. Hell, the SCOTUS ruled against the president withholding money from sanctuary cities. There are two sets of laws; one for leftists, and one for conservatives.

    Mike – The man is a disgrace, but enough people there love him, so California will simply get worse and worse.


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