Coker? I Hardly Know Her!

Meet Mary Coker.

Mary, second from left, attended a Halloween party in a Broward County, Florida school and decided to wear a totally appropriate flasher outfit. Coker then proceeded to “flash” the grade school students, because Florida.

A Florida school administrator is facing a pay cut of nearly $44,000 and a possible demotion for donning a barely-there flasher costume to work on Halloween.

Mary Coker, director of procurement and warehousing services for Broward County Public Schools, allegedly “inappropriately ‘flashed’ children, staff and colleagues” at the Oct. 31 celebration at Lanier James Education Center.

“Employees at the brunch were offended and some suggested that they could not tell if Coker was wearing a costume or was truly naked,” the complaint said.

Coker, 46, asked partygoers to get rid of any photographic evidence of her elaborate garb — complete with fake nipples and faux pubic hair — after seeing their reactions.

Is there any wonder why our public schools are swirling the toilet?

5 thoughts on “Coker? I Hardly Know Her!

  1. Wow. I am sure she is the pride of her employee Union. Why would anybody think that was OK at a place of business, let alone one where children are at. College dorm party sure, but not at work.


  2. Ingineer – You mentioned the reason immediately. Employee union. These people are rarely taken to task foe their mistakes, so this dolt thought she’d get away with it.

    Ronni – Both the costume and the person.

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