The Swing Is The Thing

So Princess P has been taking Ballroom Dancing lessons at her school. It’s the same program Kevin participated in last year, and it’s actually well run by the city.

Like Kevin, Julia (center of the below photo, towering over her partner) adores the lessons. Yesterday was the first set of city-wide competitions, and they were held as Julia’s school.

Princess P’s specialty dance is the tango, and she also performed the swing. Mrs. Earp was on hand for the competition, as I was working. As usual.

After an hour of dance, with each couple performing their specialty, the judges rated everyone on their performances. For her part, Princess P said her tango wasn’t her best performance, and she was upset about it.

I am happy to report Princess P and her class won the gold medal and are moving on to the next round!

7 thoughts on “The Swing Is The Thing

  1. Ronni – All my kids had some version of this. Kyle and Erik had ballet, Kevin and Julia have ballroom. Kyle and Erik whined about it at first, but they eventually liked it.


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