Would You Like Paper Of Plastic?

While you may think this post would need a build-up, trust me when I tell you, this one needs no introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the dumbest woman on the face of the Earth.

Because poor decision making knows no bounds, this is a video from a Kroger gas station of a woman who, presumably wanting to make the most of her Kroger Fuel Points discount, decides to fill up a plastic bag with gas and put it in her trunk. I thought the double bagging was a nice touch, as well as the person just filming and not saying anything. Still, gasoline in plastic bags, that’s just…wow.

The only terrible part of this story is the woman apparently made it home without her vehicle bursting into flames.

The video of this idiot can be seen below the fold…

Oh, according to the UK Daily Mail, this incident occurred in Houston, Texas. Wow.

9 thoughts on “Would You Like Paper Of Plastic?

  1. Poor woman is obviously a little “gassy”. She is so fortunate that survival of the fittest didn’t kick in. I honestly find it hard to believe that there are adults that don’t have a plastic gas can that drive regularly. I would be willing to bet she could have purchased one at Krogers.


  2. Ronni – I have an old plastic gas can where the spigot is a little loose. I freak out when I fill it up at the pump and it’s a a certified carrier. Who the hell would pour gasoline into plastic bags?


  3. I don’t even want to put a gas can in the trunk of a car. This lady is nuts and lucky she didn’t burst into flames on the way home. And what is her plan once she gets that gas home?


  4. Mike – I imagine she’s sitting home very proud of herself. The worst part is she’ll likely do it again because why not, it worked this time?

    TX Nick – For her next trick, she’ll be transporting dynamite on her engine block.


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