A Blue Christmas In Texas

As part of the University of Dallas’ continuing charity efforts, the school’s athletic programs spent Thursday collecting donations for needy families in Irving. Many members of Kyle’s lacrosse team were involved.

The University of Dallas Athletics Department partnered with the Irving Police and Fire Department for the second annual Blue Christmas at the school. Erik Graton, the second-year head coach of the UD baseball team started the partnership last fall and invited other programs within the department to participate. It was such a great success in 2018 that the department planned to make it a reoccurring event to help the local community.

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, the Irving Police and Fire Department arrived to the front parking circle near the bell tower on the Dallas campus. Student-athletes, coaches, and staff that could attend walked up donations to be placed inside the Blue Christmas trailer.

Blue Christmas was started in 1979 out of the then City Municipal Court building at 835 W. Irving Blvd. It started with 25 families and it has now grown to where we attempt to take care of 400+ families that live in Irving.

The event occurred right before finals, so it likely eased some of the stress the students are going through now. And yes, Kyle is wearing his ugly Christmas sweater, just because.

Oh, and if you’ll notice, Kyle is one of the only two in the top photo wearing a short-sleeved shirt. He continually tells his classmates “forty degrees isn’t cold.”

8 thoughts on “A Blue Christmas In Texas

  1. What a great event for the athletes to participate in. Gets back to the true meaning of the Christmas season. And I absolutely agree with Kyle regarding “forty degrees isn’t cold.”


  2. Ronni – He isn’t used to the Dallas heat yet, but “cold” days down there are nowhere near Philly cold. It’s currently 38 degrees with a wind chill of 34 and I went to the gym without a jacket. I mean, under 30, yeah, but other than that? Meh.

    RG – He always snarks about the charity days beforehand and always ends up having a great time.


    1. Sounds similar to here in Iowa. We got around an inch of snow last night and now it is 26 degrees and feels like 17. Coat weather today.


      1. We had flurries today and I was outside in a t-shirt trying to fix the Christmas lights around our tree. Wore a jacket to take Princess P Christmas shopping earlier, though. Got cold when the sun went down.

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      2. I did a job in Cedar Rapids a decade ago. I remember in January that year a week went by where the high temp was minus 10. Three nights in a row the mercury dropped to minus 30. Not exactly T-shirt weather! The doors on my old Jeep froze shut, and I had to get in by unzipping the cloth top at the back. When I bought my new one later that year, the first option I put on it was an engine block heater. The dealer in Texas thought I was nuts.

        That rant out of the way, “Way to go, Kyle!” You are getting to be more like a true Texan every day.

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  3. MelP – I saw the Yippie Ki Yay MF one at the mall today. I loved it! And speaking of school, I’m weighing whether or not to post a story about Kyle. It’s really good, but I want to talk to him about it first.


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