Step Away From The Chalupa

Hundreds of overweight Mexican police officers have joined a fitness and nutrition program in an effort to lose weight and earn an extra $50 a month. I assume those pesos will go toward tacos.

The program dubbed ‘Healthy Police’ sees the cops being put through their paces with exercise and nutrition counseling sessions.

Mexico City police officer Graciela Benítez recalls showing up for her patrol tour and being so exhausted, that she barely had the stamina to complete the rest of her shift. But thanks to a new exercise and diet program introduced by Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection in August, the 36-year-old policewoman is no longer feeling sleepy before completing her assigned shifts.

She has lost around 22 pounds since joining the program, which also includes nutrition counseling sessions to help officers eat a more healthful, balanced diet. (H/T – Mike AKA Proof)

Having lost thirty pounds since January 1st, I would like to examine Officer Benitez to make sure her body is sufficiently toned. There may also be an opportunity to check her curves; you know, for science!

4 thoughts on “Step Away From The Chalupa

  1. I confess, at the end of my police career, I was turning into a porker. I’ve been a porker ever since. Well, that is, until I lost 175lbs, of which I have gained about 50 back. I could use losing 30 lbs and I’d be quite healthy. I suffer from the worst addiction of all time – food.


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