The Ballroom Dance Semester Finals

So Princess P, like her brother last year, was picked to compete in the Dancing Classrooms Philly Ballroom Dance competition yesterday. Her class received the gold medal in the semifinals, and yesterday was the Colors of the Rainbow Team Match Semester Finals. The finals are always difficult, and Princess P’s class was going against eight other schools. Only four would move on to the City Finals in June. Last year, Kevin’s team won the bronze medal and did not move on.

Princess P began with the Tango (above), along with her partner Augustine. Their dance last week was choppy, but good enough to move on. Yesterday, the duo killed it.

Every duo performs two dances; their specialty (the tango, in Princess P’s case) and a random dance. She and Augustine were awarded the Swing…

They’re in the middle in the back. Sorry if you can’t see them very well. Princess P had a few issues with the Swing, mostly because she’s been sick for a week. She is still having coughing fits, and you can actually see her covering her mouth while she dance.

That’s not excusing her; just letting you know why she’s coughing.

Julia’s entire team did very well, but not enough to move on. They, like Kevin’s team, were awarded the bronze medal. Julia is as competitive as her brothers, so she was understandably devastated.

While there was disappointment and a lot of tears, Julia is already looking ahead. She signed up for the continuing weekly lessons which Kevin attends, so she’ll be dancing for a long, long time.

2 thoughts on “The Ballroom Dance Semester Finals

  1. Tam – Thanks. Tonight she’s at her other dance class, Kevin is at karate, and Erik is recovering from lacrosse practice last night, They spent most of the night lifting weights. Kyle will be home tomorrow for Christmas break, and the family will be whole again.


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