Backup. We Need Backup.

According to a new survey, half of British women polled – Hey, phrasing! – claim they have a backup partner in case their current relationship goes sour.

We are often advised to have a back-up plan for everything in life, in case whatever plans we have do not work out. It seems women are taking this advice very seriously because as per a survey conducted by OnePoll, a survey-led marketing research company specialising in online and mobile polling, 50 per cent of women in a relationship have a plan for a back-up partner in their mind in case the current relationship doesn’t work out and they head for a break-up.

Around 1,000 women from the UK participated in the survey and almost 50 per cent of the participants, both married as well as unmarried women, admitted to having a back-up plan or person to fall back on in case, they separated from the current partner.

That actually goes both ways. If my marriage doesn’t work out, I’ve got my backup partners are Vic Kerekes and Milana Vayntrub.

6 thoughts on “Backup. We Need Backup.

  1. As Proof said, excellent choices. However, I’ve been notified by the powers that be that I am the current backup plan for Morena Baccarin. Iif that’s what she wants, fine by me, I’m up to the task.


  2. Proof – Yeah, baby!

    Ronni – Well, Princess P’s Sensei always tells her “Boys are the enemy.”

    RG – Good gravy she is so ridiculously beautiful.

    Mike47 – Agreed.


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