Home For The Holidays

Yesterday was my last day in work until 2020, and good grief it took forever to get here. Every year I place all my seniority toward Christmas vacation, because Kevin and Princess P are still young enough to be excited about the holiday. With my time on the job, I will never have to work Christmas again.

Kyle arrived from Dallas Thursday night, and with the exception of Christmas Eve/Day festivities, it should be a quiet two weeks. Although we do have tickets to the Devils/Maple Leafs game this coming Friday, and Julia has saved her money for souvenirs.

So I will be home from now until January 6th, and my plans are to go to the gym, come home, play video games, and sleep. Repeat as necessary.

P.S. – I may even drink a beer or two. Yeah, I’m a rebel.

9 thoughts on “Home For The Holidays

  1. Jenn – 1. Thank you. 2. Shut up. 🙂 We’re expecting the Devils to get slaughtered, but we go every year, and Kyle and Erik wanted to see Matthews and Tavares play. Even if NJ gets creamed, it’s still a day at the rink.

    William – Thank you. Still have a little shopping to do, and spent my first day off cleaning up leaves, but it’s better than being at work.


  2. Enjoy your time off, Wyatt! I am also off until 1/6/20. I love these extra two weeks off with pay. One of the advantages of working at a Catholic university. The temp has been in the upper 40’s and lower 50’s for the last few days and is to continue until next Saturday. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and health, wealth and happiness in the new year!


  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a great time with everyone there. I’m off too, but then, I’m off all the time. Ain’t retirement great! All my weeks have six Saturdays and one Sunday.


  4. Proof – Thanks. Spent the day cleaning and trimming the tree. Also heard the Eagles beat the Cowboys, so that sucks. Gotta hear the white trash Eagles fans claim they’re a good team or something.

    Ronni – Thank you. It was in the 40’s today and supposed to get warmer as the week goes on. Kyle brought Texas to us.

    RG – Yeah, I don’t know what I’d do when I retire. Oh yeah. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


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