We Have “The Meats”

Meet Barry Cole Poyner, a “church leader” at Truman State University.

Barry likes long walks on the beach, quiet evenings at home, and trading sexual favors with young men for Arby’s gift cards.

A Missouri church leader is in trouble with the law for attempting to solicit gay sex from the gay dating and hookup app Grindr in exchange for, among other things, an Arby’s gift card.

57-year-old Barry Cole Poyner of Kirksville was just taking an innocent break from his duties as an elder at Church of Christ and a professor at Truman State University by perusing Grindr under the name DILF (the acronym for “Dad I’d Like to F*ck) and attempting to get young, supple college boys to become gay prostitutes and pleasure him in exchange for what has got to be the equivalent of like forty dollars.

After receiving a tip about a professor harassing students on Grindr from a student who recognized ole “DILF” Poyner on the app, the Truman State University Police Department turned the information over to Kirksville PD, who then set up an undercover Grindr profile. That profile was soon contacted by Poyner, who said that he “would love to have a sugar daddy relationship.”

And that is where I stopped reading, stopped eating, and lost the will to live. It amazes me how many “church leaders” wind up doing such disgusting and despicable acts. I mean, I’m a terrible human, but I don’t pretend I’m a good person..

That picture above, though… It’s truly haunting.

5 thoughts on “We Have “The Meats”

  1. Wasn’t the BTK serial killer some kind of wacko church person? I figure these people are sicker than one can describe and go to the church environment to help find cover for their deviate personalities. I don’t think they are church types that turn out to be pervs, they were pervs to begin with and it’s a convenient place to be obscure and hide. This guy is particularly creepy though.


  2. Thank goodness his baser instincts took over and he got caught. Who knows how many young men might not have been able to say “no” to him since they were students and he was a professor. It makes me crazy that there are so many teachers and faculty that use their position to get students to do things to and for them. Disgusting!


  3. He’s from Kirksville? It sounds like he was from Kinksville.

    @$$holes like that (see what I did there) have a reserved seat in Satan’s Abode. May he soon be seated there.


  4. RG – I mean, if there was a profile for people like this, his photo would be front row center.

    Ronni – It’s really despicable, and between this and the female teachers diddling kids, it’s a sorry state affairs for public schools.

    TX Nick – Probably the guy who railed against gay people, too. Just because.

    Cathy – First thing I noticed.


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