Santa, Call The Ball

For the last decade or so, there have always been two posts every Christmas Eve. The first one is a great site for the kids. NORAD Tracks Santa follows Santa Claus in real time as her makes his deliveries, and tracks where he is at any given moment.

This site is really cool. It tracks Santa’s route in real time utilizing NORAD radar and Google Earth. His position is updated every five minutes, and even shows real “footage” of Santa flying through the different countries. When my kids first saw this, they were hooked. They were laughing and pointing, and just getting excited for the holiday. It was great to see.

Of course, the first time I checked it, Santa was in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Naturally, I had to snark, “Jeez, I hope he gets out of there in one piece.”

You can track Santa by heading to the website here.

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