Devil In A Blue Crest

So Friday was our annual trip to North Jersey to see the New Jersey Devils play. The Devils have not been good this year, despite a roster full of talent. Add to that the fact they were slated to play the ridiculously good Toronto Maple Leafs – why isn’t it “Leaves?” – didn’t bode well for the Devils’ chances.

Surprisingly, the Devils played out of their minds. They took an early lead, killed penalties with ease, and fought back to tie the game in the third period. I was starting to think we would actually win this one… until one of the Devils’ defensemen – Damon Severson, who is usually amazing – accidentally shot the puck into our own goal.

An overtime loss gives the losing team one point, which is good they at least got that, but this was a game they should have won. It’s depressing.

Oh, and the stadium was filled with obnoxious Leafs fans; most of which I’d wager couldn’t name more than three people on their team. Toronto has been good for a few years, but were awful for a while, too. This many Toronto fans in NY/NJ? Seems fishy to me; like bandwagon jumpers.

We’ll never be hung with that label, since the Devils haven’t been really good for a decade. It’s not easy being a Devils fan, but at least we’re not Flyers fans.

P.S. Honestly, it’s impossible to get a decent picture of me.

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