The Joy Of Painting

Among the many gifts Santa brought to Princess P this year was an entire painting set. New Paints, a ton of brushes, scrapers, an easel, and a palette.

Her gift to Kyle was a dragon made out of clay, and she is still drawing, so the paint was the logical next step.

Julia watches many artists on YouTube and I got her into Bob Ross. On Saturday, she set up her easel, and painted a replica of one of Ross’ Joy of Painting creations.

We checked on her periodically, and at first she said she wasn’t very good. She dripped some white into her mountain, and smeared a few parts she didn’t mean to smear. I tried to tell her to take her time and relax. It was her first official painting, so she should expect it to be average, at best.

Apparently, I was mistaken.

She called everyone into the dining room to see her work. I thought it was amazing. Kyle came downstairs and said, “Holy sh-” before stopping himself. I think she did very well for her first time, and Julia said Bob Ross is a very good teacher. (Click the photo to embigggen.)

10 thoughts on “The Joy Of Painting

  1. She did a great job! You have some very talented kids, Wyatt. Thankfully, you and Mrs. Earp encourage them with gifts like these.


  2. RG – Thanks. She worked really hard on it.

    Mike47 – The missus is creating a portfolio in case she wants to attend the arts high school near us.

    Cathy – Thank you.

    Ronni – My MIL brought over my FIL’s painting tools yesterday, so she has a stable of art supplies now.

    Phillip – Thanks. Julia said, “Bob is a good teacher.”


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