Every Day I’m Tumblin’ Tumblin’

This may be one of the most bizarre stories I have ever posted; not because of the incident, but because of the location of the incident. I mean, seriously, who expects to see tumbleweeds in Washington?

Hundreds of tumbleweed have forced a closure of SR 240 at milepost 10.

Washington Department of Transportation is on scene trying to remove the debris from the road. WSDOT says 12 miles of the highway are closed because of the tumbleweed. Troopers are also at the scene helping with traffic control.

We are hearing from witnesses stuck in traffic that several Hanford employees are unable to move because of the tumblweed.

Now I have little experience with tumbleweeds, save for the few I saw near Tucson. I get there were plenty of them blocking the highway, but couldn’t an SUV just drive through them, or am I thinking you’d do that to trash… and pedestrians?

7 thoughts on “Every Day I’m Tumblin’ Tumblin’

  1. My only experience with tumbleweed was on my move back from Ohio. It was December so I took the southern route figuring Hwy 80 might run into some snow closures. The tumbleweeds were blowing across the highway but not so many you couldn’t dodge them.


  2. Easy way for the authorities to get rid of them:

    Put out a notice that the THC content of tumbleweeds is almost as much as marijuana. The locals will be “Crumbling Stumbleweeds” ’til the cows come home. 🙂

    (BTW, that’s a title of a Pinkard & Bowden song, way back in the 80’s.)


  3. Reminded me of an episode of the original Outer Limits called “Cry Of Silence” where the alien
    inhabited tumbleweeds trapped Eddie Albert and his wife…………


  4. TXNick is right, but you need to understand that the eastern half of Washington state is pretty much nothing but desert. Lots of tumbleweeds. Most of Washington is conservative, it’s just the commies in Seattle that ruin it for everyone else, but telling them to smoke tumbleweeds is a good start. The only real problem is that it’s probably a Trump conspiracy. Tumbleweeds are just dried up Russian thistle.


  5. Redneck is correct. My last duty station was Ft. Lewis WA. We spent a lot of time training in Yakima, on the eastern side of the Cascades. Pretty much desert. : )


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