Ugh, Work Beckons

This is my last day of Christmas vacation. Tomorrow I go back to that awful, stress-filled, mouse-infested building for five day work tours.

The fifteen days off – nine work days plus my regular days off – has been fantastic. I hadn’t been paying attention to the days or the dates, and the only stress was wondering what was for dinner. Now I get to go back, only to be greeted with a bunch of newly promoted detectives – who are likely dopes – and spend my first few days fixing all the messes Diego the Idiot Detective caused.

So, have pity on me this day, because my next vacation will be along in late August.

Six more years; I can handle six more years. Probably.

10 thoughts on “Ugh, Work Beckons

  1. I feel for you. I remember how much I dreaded going back to deal with the dolts and clean up their messes after my vacations. I couldn’t wait to retire. I finally set a date about five years prior to the actual time that I planned to go. I even had a countdown widget on my computer screen that was up to the second. In five more days it will be my sixth anniversary. I haven’t regretted retiring at 60 for one second………..


  2. Tam – That’s great. For our DROP program, I pick a date to sign papers, and four years later, I’m gone. I want to be out – or at least running my tons of sick time – before 2026. That’s the 250th anniversary of Independence Day, and I’m not working 12-16 hour shifts for a week.

    Cathy – The weird part was I didn’t have much to do at home. After the Christmas decorations were set up, I spent my time doing laundry, shopping, and straightening the house. I’ll probably look for some type of work when I leave this awful city, because I don’t want to sit around the house staring at the walls.


  3. One more year, 1/6 of your time left in purgatory, I retire to my beach in southeast Asia to watch the rubber trees grow and sell adult beverages to the tourists at my tiki bar on the beach. I may need to hire a chief of security for the place. Interested?


  4. I could have waited another 4 years and retired with twice as much dough. In my case, it wasn’t worth the wait. I have never been happier. Can’t believe it has been 8 years since I left. I sure have had a lot of fun in 8 years! Your time will come. Maybe if you become the 2nd Joseph Wambaugh, you’ll get rich enough to leave early. Keep writing those true detective stories.

    Here’s a better idea, become the Scott Adams of police work. Write up the true detective stories and have your kids do the cartoon work. It would be hilarious.

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