Did France Finally Wake Up?

Police in the city of Villejuif shot and killed a man who was stabbing pedestrians inside a park near Paris. Guess if you can determine his religious affiliation.

French police shot dead a man on Friday after he went on a rampage with a knife in a park, killing one person and wounding two more, prosecutors said.

Religious documents including a copy of the Koran were found among the man’s belongings, but there was no evidence the man had been influenced by radical Islamists, a spokesman for prosecutors said.

No evidence? Wait, what?!! Okay, I guess France is still more concerned with political correctness than their non-terrorist citizens.

The attacker had a history of mental illness, had been admitted to hospital, and was undergoing a course of psychiatric treatment, the spokesman said.

Maybe the mental illness came about from his radical Islamist indoctrination?

5 thoughts on “Did France Finally Wake Up?

  1. I can’t help but wonder what France doesn’t understand about “all infidels must die”! Seems pretty clear to me. Another instance where “one good man with a gun”…. could have stopped this.


  2. Honestly I think not Wyatt. As I told me eldest niece last year, I truly fear Western Europe is lost. 30 years from now the Vatican will be a mosque. 😦


  3. It looks like just about everyone in charge of the countries on the planet are either moose-limbs or dhiminis. It’s as scary as walking through a graveyard and bumping into Lena Dunham in a nightie.


  4. Maybe Donald Trump needs to have some Predator and Reaper drones flying over France. They could probably respond quicker than the French cops. Question – do French cops wear white anything? The could use their uniforms to help surrender more quickly if they did. Then again, maybe the pedestrians are the ones who need to do that.


  5. Ronni – From AOSHQ, they apparently are refusing to prosecute a Muzzie who hacked someone to death shouting, Allah Ackbar.” So I answered my own question.

    William – They always build mosques where they had a terror victory. Hence the 9-11 Mosque idea.

    TX Nick – Now I can’t sleep. Thanks.

    RG – Probably a little of both.


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