Get It On, Bang A Gong…

So, a Chinese groom showcased a video of his wife during their wedding reception to publicly highlight their love and devotion. Well, to be more specific, the groom played a sex tape of his new wife shtupping her brother-in-law. Awkward.

Footage of a groom playing a video of his bride apparently cheating with her brother-in-law has gone viral in China.

The man had the five-minute sex tape played out on a big screen in front of family and friends to humiliate his unfaithful fiancée after discovering her affair with her pregnant sister’s husband, according to online accounts.

The unverified footage, believed to be filmed by a guest at the nuptials, has sparked an outcry among web users. While some believe the incident to be real, others argue that the clips have been used by a video app as a marketing stunt.

Meh, either way it’s pretty hilarious. Imagine if Hollywood celebrities took this route. We’d be seeing sex tapes of everyone from Bradley Cooper to Hillary Clinton. What, too soon?

5 thoughts on “Get It On, Bang A Gong…

  1. We all have things we’re good at doing. At least, in my case, I switched grooms two weeks before the wedding not at the wedding!


  2. Ronni – yeah, you dodged a bullet there. A silver bullet… as in Coors Light.

    Ingineer – What can he say? The guy likes smelling women’s hair.

    TX Nick – You obviously forgot your Hillary comment last week which made me vomit for hours.


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