They’re Not Lovin’ It On Christmas

Imagine you’re single, childless, and antisocial – like I was for many many years. What better way to celebrate a lonely Christmas night than sitting for hours in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane?

A McDonald’s which is closed for Christmas.

This is a video of at least nine cars lined up in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s on Christmas night while the store is closed. I feel like this is an experiment in human psychology. I have so many questions. How long has that first car been there?

Do they know the store is closed and are just hoping for a Big Mac Christmas miracle? Why is nobody using the second drive-thru lane? Is this really just a very complicated pass-the-button style drug deal? Are all these people so high they just assume time is barely passing? Why didn’t McDonald’s turn the drive-thru lights off so people knew it was closed? *pounding fist on table* WHY IS THE McFLURRY MACHINE ALWAYS BROKEN? *sobbing* When is the McRib coming back?!

It’s like the old man shoveling salt in Home Alone. You feel bad for him, but the you realize, “Pfft, he made his choice.”

Oh, and dollars to doughnuts this occurred in Philadelphia… or there are Philadelphians in that line.

5 thoughts on “They’re Not Lovin’ It On Christmas

  1. I was trying to see what state the plates had on them but I couldn’t make it out. I am hoping it’s not Iowa since there were no front plates on the vehicles and Iowa requires front and back plates. Don’t get me wrong, Iowa has more than it’s fair share of idiots on any given day.


  2. I found out a while back that it’s not hard to get stuck in a McD drive-up line. When a store is closed on a holiday, there is nothing in the drive-up to tell you it is closed. If the drive-up path takes you behind the main entrance and you can’t see the lights are out inside, and other cars are lined up as people think the drive-up is open, there you are stuck, until the drivers up front figure it out. Notice in the picture above how the outside lights are on even though the place is closed. Duhh…


  3. Ronni – A few months ago, the kids saw two people in line at Chick-Fil-A… on a Sunday. They just laughed and laughed at the noobs who didn’t realize they’re closed on Sunday.

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  4. People are sheep. If you have ever directed traffic at a construction site or a crash, you will be presented with plenty of evidence.


  5. Ingineer – I was once on traffic duty and stopped one direction while waving on the other. Both went, and boom, auto accident. It was a sunny day, but no one bothered to pay attention to my commands.

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