Keep On Struckin’

A Canadian idiot earned worldwide fame Monday after slamming his construction truck into a vehicle, and pushing the vehicle over two lanes and into the guard rail.

The driver of the truck, which was seen in a video pushing a car onto the shoulder of Highway 401, claims he didn’t know what was going on.

The 12-second video of the incident — which the OPP said happened just before 2 p.m. on Monday — shows a large truck, which appears to be a stone slinger, pushing a four-door vehicle across two active lanes of the highway until the car hits the guardrail and settles on the shoulder.

As the vehicle hits the guardrail, the car’s brake lights go on and the large truck veers back into the live lane of traffic. The impact of the car getting squeezed between the truck and the guard rail is enough to cause the car’s back bumper to fall off.

The driver told police he “didn’t see the car” because he was changing lanes. I guess he also didn’t hear the hilarious sounds of metal grinding against guard rail. Way to go, hoser.

5 thoughts on “Keep On Struckin’

  1. Now that is what I want to do every time a dumb-ass driver gets in my way. I keep my road rage to myself and cuss them out.


  2. Ronni – The seat is so high, he can’t possibly see cars in front of him. Thanks for convincing us your license needs to be revoked.

    Cathy – I’m not saying it wouldn’t be awesome, but maybe not push the car through three lanes.


    1. I will have you know I received my first and only ticket EVER at age 61. When the young officer came up to the car, first he asked for my license which showed my age, then he commented on my handicapped plates and then he knocked down the mph so I wouldn’t lose my license and said “Under different circumstances, I would say ‘you go, girl’.” So, my license is just fine, Officer Wyatt.


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