God (Truly) Save The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II may be one of the most courageous, accomplished, and battle-hardened leaders on Earth. She was a truck driver and mechanic in World War II and has been an unwavering presence in the UK for decades. Sadly, this icon has been cursed with stupid, spoiled offspring.

While Prince William seems top-notch, Prince Charles is a leftist dolt, and William’s brother Harry – not to mention his “celebrity wife” – is swirling the drain.

Queen Elizabeth is “privately unhappy” at the money spent on renovations at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s Frogmore Cottage — as staff at the UK abode are being “redeployed” following the couple’s bombshell Megxit announcement.

Taxpayers shelled out 2.4 million British pounds — more than $3 million — on the refurbishing, leaving the monarch furious as the Sussexes plan to start a new life in Canada.

These two clowns knew full well they were thinking of fleeing the UK before this taxpayer money was appropriated, and they never bothered to mention it. Oh, and Markle refuses to move to America while President Trump is in office. Her loss is our gain.

The Queen has said in a statement that while the royal family “would have preferred” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle keep their senior palace duties, she is “entirely supportive” of the couple.

Likely false, but the Queen is too polite to truly speak her mind here.

Meanwhile, workers at the five-bedroom pad gifted to the couple by the Queen are being “redeployed elsewhere around the estate.”

Something which would have been unnecessary if these millennial jackasses were more concerned with their country than their personal goals. God I hate these people. The Queen should put Charles, Camilla and these two dumbasses in the Tower for the rest of their days.

13 thoughts on “God (Truly) Save The Queen

  1. Wait until real life hits Harry in the face. As for his wife, I’ll give her points for one thing, at least she kept her promise to leave this country.


  2. “… Markle refuses to move to America while President Trump is in office. Her loss is our gain.”

    A good reason to make DJT President for life.

    “The Queen should put Charles, Camilla and these two dumbasses in the Tower for the rest of their days.”

    To quote a line from Mel Brook’s ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights:’ “Make them part of the tour.”

    A silver lining in this situation: Canada has to deal with them. 🙂


  3. MelP – Agreed. Always saw Harry as more like his brother. I guess this harpy ruined that for good.

    TX Nick – For now. When the president is out of office, she’ll drag Harry here and they’ll both be insufferable. At least he’ll never be King.


  4. Harry and his wacky wife are headed straight to Hollyweird and will become royalty there. Not a doubt in my mind about that. Somebody put her in one of those suitcases she used to carry for the game show she was on. I’m with J-Dub. These clowns need to go away. Our gain at present is Canada’s loss.

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  5. J-Dub – Yes, and with the exception of QE II, William and Kate, the rest of them can pound sand. I’ll give credit to the few royals who aren’t gigantic horse’s arses.

    RG – The bizarre thing is she was a D-list actress at best. They’re acting like she’s Helen Mirren, when she’s barely Helen Keller.

    Proof – She’s the part of the Greatest Generation, and she gives no f**ks. It’s why I so admire her.


  6. I used to think Harry was a decent guy. He was photographed naked in a Vegas hotel after his Afghanistan deployment which I personally think everyone should have an opportunity to do after that kind of deployment. But he has gone off the deep end after marrying the Hollywood whack job.


  7. Ingineer – I just don’t get it. She already comes with baggage – divorced, a raving leftist, a subpar actress – and that’s not exactly the type of person you’d expect a royal to marry.

    Yes “love is love” and all that crap, but Harry’s previous girlfriends were galactically better than this gold-digger.


  8. Might be refreshing if Harry would start thinking with his brain rather than his emotions. Meghan seems to be toxic for him. She simply wasn’t in the spotlight enough as a royal versus being a “celebrity”. Her own father even thinks she a piece of work.


  9. Ronni – Yeah, there’s a weird family dynamic there. No one’s family is perfect, but she seems like she grew up in a tornado, and now she craves attention.

    Probably something further, um, south.

    TX Nick – Also yes.


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