True Detective Stories

This is the sign which greeted me on my first day back from being sick. Our building consists of three floors. The bottom floor is where the (nasty) locker rooms are located. The first floor is the police district, and the second floor is the detective division.

Each floor has a male and female bathroom, but the district bathroom is tiny and rarely clear. The locker room bathroom usually works, but t.p. and soap are rather scarce.

The female detectives have their own bathroom – I’ve seen it; it’s nice and smells like potpourri. This sign is on the male detective’s bathroom. We have two sinks, two bathroom stalls, and two urinals.


The problem with our bathrooms are they’re linked to the plumbing in the cell rooms. Most of our prisoners are disgusting humanoids, and they spend their time here flushing anything and everything down the toilet. Entire rolls of toilet paper, drugs, and water bottles to name a few. (No, that is not an exaggeration.)

As a result, the bathrooms in the building clog, and no one can relieve themselves.

Our only recourse Sunday was the tiny toilet used for defendants and victims. It’s a nasty bathroom which gets cleaned during the week, but when the cleaning service is off, we’re on our own. I’ll suffer through the asbestos, the fumes, and the other life-draining aspects of this building, but is it too much to ask for a major metropolitan police department to offer working restrooms?

8 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Your working conditions are ridiculous. Hearing about this almost makes me feel guilty working in a fairly new, state of the art building. Good luck on finding a working bathroom.


  2. Kitty – Heh, I saw it. Nicely done.

    Ronni – The bathrooms are officially open now. They haven’t been cleaned, but we can “effectively” use them.

    Cathy – Our cleaning personnel are top-notch, but the best one is on vacation so we’re screwed.


  3. Wow, the inmates here in CA uses their TP for arts & crafts…paper mache…OK, they use it to make shives, but it’s sorta arts/craftsy


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