There Are No Bones About It

I love Arizona – it’s one of my retirement destination finalists – but like every state, even Arizona has its share of morons. Morons who will do anything to escape rush hour traffic.

A 62-year-old man was cited in Arizona this week after trying to disguise a fake skeleton as a passenger just to use the HOV lane.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says a trooper pulled over the man on Thursday after noticing he had placed a fake skeleton in the passenger’s front seat. The skeleton was sitting upright, wearing a hat and tied to the front seat.

Not for nothing, but the guy is 62 years old and living in Arizona. What are the chances this guy was rushing to work? So he likely did all this just to get where he needed to go a little faster. Well done, dumbass. Well done.

4 thoughts on “There Are No Bones About It

  1. Wonder how long it worked for him. It would be comical if he went to all this trouble and got busted the first time out of the gate.


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