Pitter Patter Let’s Get At ‘Er

Yesterday was the unofficial start of Kyle’s college lacrosse career with a scrimmage versus TCU. The day began with Kyle making University of Dallas’ Sports Med posting this photo of him on Instagram.

Then, a half hour before the game, Erik found TCU’s YouTube channel, which was broadcasting the game! Since Kyle is the primary faceoff guy, the announcers mentioned him often.

(As a parent, there is no bigger thrill than hearing your son’s name mentioned during a live sports broadcast.)

TCU has a much larger pool to draw from, and they outnumbered UD by a good 10-15 players. They were also very physical, and Kyle got hit hard a few times, always popping back up.

The plus side is he played a ton, but unfortunately, it was not Dallas’ day, and they lost 18-4. Thankfully it was only a scrimmage.

Either way, I’m very proud of him, despite the score.

The video of the game is below the fold, if you want to hear the boy’s name. He wears #13, and he gets a nice talk-up at 56:05. He is also the first player you see, taking the faceoff in gray.

Thank God for trainers…

The game video is below.

7 thoughts on “Pitter Patter Let’s Get At ‘Er

  1. I heard Kyle’s name right around 4:00 in the video. Congratulations, Dad! In our family, it’s our grandson who’s on the varsity shoot team at Jacksonville U. He’s a freshman and scores in the top 5 of his team.


  2. Kitty – At 56:05 they talk about him briefly and where he’s from. Kyle wanted to play for Jax lacrosse, but he is entirely too small for a DI school. Good for your grandson, though, That’s awesome.

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  3. Ronni – He’s entirely too hard on himself, but after watching the entire game over again, he did fine.

    RG – Thanks. TCU, Huntingdon, and Southwestern will be tough games. The rest of his schedule is decent, though, and since his high school team won only eight games in three years, he’ll likely have more success as UD.


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